Supported Protocols and Wrappers

PHP comes with many built-in wrappers for various URL-style protocols for use with the filesystem functions such as fopen(), copy(), file_exists() and filesize(). In addition to these wrappers, it is possible to register custom wrappers using the stream_wrapper_register() function.

Nota: The URL syntax used to describe a wrapper only supports the scheme://... syntax. The scheme:/ and scheme: syntaxes are not supported.

Indice dei contenuti

  • file:// — Accessing local filesystem
  • http:// — Accessing HTTP(s) URLs
  • ftp:// — Accessing FTP(s) URLs
  • php:// — Accessing various I/O streams
  • zlib:// — Compression Streams
  • data:// — Data (RFC 2397)
  • glob:// — Find pathnames matching pattern
  • phar:// — PHP Archive
  • ssh2:// — Secure Shell 2
  • rar:// — RAR
  • ogg:// — Audio streams
  • expect:// — Process Interaction Streams